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Jewelry Care

Rivava has selected the highest quality materials to create the products you adore. All jewelry is coated with 14-karat gold and/or silver. To preserve your jewelry's condition, we recommend keeping jewelry away from water, perfume, cosmetics and avoid contact with chemicals and abrasive products. Use a soft cloth to clean and store in a pouch to secure from impact and friction.


Brass & Metal Alloys

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. Brass has good resistance over time and can be cleaned with a soft cloth.


Silver & Vermeil

Rivava jewelry is made of 925/1000 sterling silver and gold-plated 925/1000 sterling silver (also known as vermeil). Our vermeil jewelry is made of sterling silver plated with 14-karat gold. We certify the authenticity of our fine jewelry.

The sterling silver’s glow is preserved even if worn frequently. The gold plating is ten times thicker on vermeil jewels than on brass jewels. These precious pieces are timeless and age beautifully with proper care.


Natural Stones & Pearls

Natural pearls and stones are delicate. They must be protected from impact when being worn and stored. The cultured pearls that we use are natural and one-of-a-kind. They come in a wide range of colors and shades. They should be kept away from chemical and abrasive products.


Glass, Enamel & Resin

Glass, enamel, and resin are highly durable materials. They are sensitive to impact and should, therefore, be handled with care. They should be kept away from chemical and abrasive products.